Behind the Scenes


Where We Began

July 1999- Three Kalispell women and a local pastor were challenged that making an impact in the lives of unborn babies would require offering an alternative to abortion. Hope Pregnancy Center began in a small office at Easthaven Baptist Church. A generous outpouring of community support soon made a larger facility necessary.

A Home of Our Own

September 2000- Central Bible Church offered the use of a residence adjacent their church in Kalispell. This historic home on 1st Avenue East provided space for a counseling room, baby store, executive offices and more. Today, this location houses Hope Pregnancy Resource Center and Teen MOPS.

Hope Pregnancy Resource Center

July 2001- The existing material assistance program was converted from a hand out to a hand up with the Earn While You Learn program. Clients would receive education in the areas of healthy pregnancy, parenting, positive lifestyle choices, spiritual growth and more. By completing lessons, attending classes and utilizing community services, clients would be blessed for their efforts by earning credit to spend in the baby boutique. Currently, program offers help to clients from the beginning of pregnancy until their child is 18 months old and includes education for dads as well.


October 2001- Teen Mothers of Preschoolers, a part of MOPS International, Inc. was launched. This program was designed to help teen mothers become more self-sufficient and confident. Weekly meetings offer fellowship, discussion, leadership training, creative crafts and encouragement to young moms.

A New Name

September 2003- It became evident that the growth and sustainability of Hope Pregnancy Center warranted obtaining independent nonprofit status. At that time, HPC left the umbrella of Easthaven Baptist Church and became an extension of all the churches in the Valley. In September 2006, the corporate name of the ministry was changed to Hope Pregnancy Ministries.

Medical and Beyond

February 2006- The Board approved adding a medical clinic in an effort to reach more women who were at risk for abortion. Arrangements were made to purchase a building at 1281 Burns Way, in the heart of the medical district. On December 17, 2007, after almost two years of planning, training and preparation, Clear Choice Clinic opened. Five years later, it became clear that it was important to reach women and men living a lifestyle of risk, before they experienced an unplanned pregnancy. Our medical personnel received extensive training, and in the fall of 2012, Clear Choice Clinic began offering free testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections to both men and women. This medical branch of Hope continues to offer pregnancy testing, limited obstetrical ultrasound, and options counseling. In September 2012, through overwhelming donor support, a $450,000 mortgage on the clinic was paid in full! The work and vision of Hope Pregnancy Ministries continues to expand with a strategic advertising campaign to reach those in need in the areas of parenting, pregnancy, STIs and post abortion healing.